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E-Waybill System Advisory on verification of transporter Id

E-Waybill System Advisory on verification of transporter Id

E-Waybill System Advisory on verification of transporter Id

E-Waybill System has issued an Advisory on the verification of transporter Id for exports.

We have now acquired queries/clarifications from some transporters and taxpayers concerning the verification of transporter Id within the e-waybill system. There are 3 classes of transporters within the e-Waybill System. They’re:

1. GST registered Transporters: On this class, the transporter will get registered within the GST Frequent portal and obtains a GSTIN quantity.

2. Enrolled transporters: On this class, there are small transporters who wish to do transport enterprise however usually are not registered in GST Frequent portal and would not have the GST quantity. So, the transporter enrolls himself within the e-waybill portal primarily based on the PAN and obtains a TRANSIN that appears much like a GSTIN quantity. They’re known as as Enrolled transporters.

3. Frequent enrolled transporters: That is the third class of transporters. They’re regular GST registered transporters having a number of GSTINs throughout totally different states. Such transporters transfer consignments with e-waybills which passes by a number of states. This entails transhipments and updating of transporter Id of the respective state for the e-waybills.

To ease the method of updating transporter Id, a typical enrolment facility is offered within the e-waybill system as per Notification No. 28/2018 Dated nineteenth June 2018– Central Tax. On this, the GST registered transporters can membership all their GSTINs and enrol for frequent enrolment in order that they receive an enrolment quantity that’s much like GSTIN however beginning with 88 adopted by the identical PAN. For instance, a GST Registered transporter might have GSTIN like 29ABCDE1234FX12, 27ABCDE1234FX13 and many others.

Once they get frequent enrolled, they get a quantity 88ABCDE1234FX13. Transporters can use this quantity to replace the transporter Id. This facility is offered in order that as the products transfer from one state to different state the transporter Id could be saved similar as an alternative of updating with GSTIN of transporters of their respective states.

After evaluation it’s noticed that a few of the ERP, GSP, ASP, SAP and different automated programs usually are not verifying the transporter Id of all of the given varieties. That is affecting the enterprise of a few of the transporters. A number of the ERP/GSP/ASP/SAP programs are verifying solely the ‘GST registered Transporters’ utilizing the ‘Get GSTIN particulars’ API to confirm the authenticity of the transporter ID. This API will return the standing just for the GST registered transporters. For the enrolled and customary enrolled transporters, the API will return as Invalid standing. There may be one other API ‘Get TRANSIN particulars’ to confirm the transporter id below the classes of ‘enrolled and customary enrolled transporters.

Therefore, it’s requested to make use of the API ‘Get TRANSIN Particulars’ additionally, along with ‘Get GSTIN particulars’ API. As ERP system can’t distinguish between registered and enrolled transporter IDs, therefore the ERP could also be modified to first name the ‘Get GSTIN Particulars’ to confirm the transporter Id and in case the standing is invalid then name ‘Get TRANSIN particulars’ API earlier than lastly concluding the standing of the transporter Id.

Particulars of APIs are given beneath:

Equally, in e-Waybill Portal, two choices to confirm the GST taxpayers and transporters are offered below the Search possibility in the primary menu.

1. Taxpayers: This selection returns the small print of the taxpayers registered below GST. The standing of the enrolled and customary enrolled transporters can’t be verified utilizing this feature.

2. Transporters: This choices returns the small print of the taxpayers registered below GST in addition to the standing of the enrolled and customary enrolled transporters. So, for verifying the transporters, this feature could also be used as an alternative of the earlier one.


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